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About Rubicon Medical

Rubicon Medical brings strategic investment and forward thinking to the medical field. We offer a powerful combination of emerging technologies combined with a practical, no-nonsense approach to sourcing and logistics support.


We are focused on bringing innovation to our medical clients and partners. By introducing unique technologies and solutions, we are able to reduce risk. Our approach combines revolutionary med-tech, software applications and reporting to increase profitability. Licensing and scaling of technology is a main focus for us as we create and curate platforms to promote transparency and uniform standards. We support compliance and increased efficiencies with software, reporting frameworks and licensing.

Medical Services

We offer monthly cleaning and testing services for medical facilities using non-toxic chemicals of the highest quality. Our sanitization teams reduce cost with our proprietary formula that doesn’t require rooms to be cleared while sanitizing takes place. Creating a consistent testing program with results in minutes is a key part of our service. Our testing solution equips administrators with actionable data they can execute on.

PPE Covid-19 Response

We have swiftly responded to support purchasing departments across the country in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Providing direct connections to suppliers for buyers looking to augment their supply partners. We offer financing solutions to support hospitals & first responders on the front lines. We focus on gloves, masks, sanitizer, gowns and other PPE. Our trading companies have deployed large teams to verify supply chains and ensure quality standards.

Glove Shipment Sizes

Investment and Capital

We deploy capital to support unique concepts across the medical field. With a strong focus on residual revenue, we continually improve our portfolio and returns against major industry benchmarks. We look for projects with long term potential and multiple revenue streams to reduce risk and capitalize on future growth. We balance critical short term revenue drivers against medium and long-term strategies and allocations.


Our advisory group combines the political, governance and legal expertise needed to execute complex projects. Improved reporting functions help bring about greater quality service, transparency and programs to keep our frontline workers and patients safe. Our advisory group has over 30 years in providing this type of service.

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